Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Have you seen this amazing upcoming holiday palette???
Oh-em-gee. I am so excited! This is by far the best holiday palette that Hourglass ever made! For the past two years, Hourglass has consecutively released a limited edition holiday face palette that never fails to sold out the seconds it is out. The Ambient Lightning Palette for 2013 (now a permanent collection) and just last year, they released the Ambient Lightning Blush Palette. This year they decided to combine both palette into one with the addition of a bronzer. Blush, highlight, bronzer, and finishing powder in one, now if this isn't the ultimate palette, you tell me what is.

No information has been given yet regarding the release date and which shades are included. I will update this post when more information is out. All I know now is that this is a perfect, perfect Holiday gift!

Hourglass blushes is one of the blushes that I have always want to try but haven't been able to because of the hefty price tag. However I just can't miss this palette. My guess is I have around three months to start saving up and pray for my luck to get my hand on this. This will sold out almost immediately. I'm sure of it.

Who else as excited as I am for this gorgeous palette?

The palette would be available at Space NK on October 2015, and would be retailed for $80.
The shades in the palette would be:

  • Luminous Finish (champagne rose blush fused with Luminous Light to evoke a candlelight glimmer)
  • Mood Exposure (soft plum blush fused with Mood Light to brighten the complexion)
  • Luminous Bronze Light (medium tan shade fused with Luminous Light for a softer, candlelit warmth)
  • Dim Light (neutral peach beige powder that blur imperfections and highlights the complexion)
  • Diffused Light (soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity
  • Iridescent Strobe Light (NEW, rose pearl powder that gives a refined glow to the complexion
As you can see the palette only has one new shade, the highlight. I'm guessing due to the strobing trend in today beauty world. The price for this palette is almost twice the previous ones, thus, except for collectors and Hourglass newbies, I don't think this palette would be necessary especially for people who have already had the palettes from previous holidays.

Image were taken from Space NK and DIARY directory instagram.

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  1. Wow, I rarely get excited by pallets but this one looks so good! Wish it was available now :)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. This one would be a perfect all-in-one face palette for travel!

  2. Replies
    1. It is, isn't it. So excited for this to come out later this year!

  3. Oh my goodness this palette looks amazing! I need to have this! x

  4. I have the ambient lightning palette and I haven't stopped using it! I know I am going to have to splurge on this.


    1. And I can't wait to actually get my hand on my first Hourglass ever!


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