Sunday, August 09, 2015

Summer! Not necessarily my favorite season of the year (Imma more of a winter kinda-gal), but it is always the time when colors have the best time to play. I never wear bright colors like fuchsia or the on-trend purple on my lips. Heck, I even rarely wear red lipstick. Boring. I know. But I prefer those colors to be on my cheeks or eyes, not my lips. So bear with me when my favorite lippies to wear in summer are nothing far from peach, pink, and coral.

Left to right, of the picture above:

Part of the 2015 Tie Dye Collection, Tropiques is a warm medium pink coral. Creamy and glossy, as with other Fluid Stick in general. This has a pretty noticeable stain once the gloss wears off. Second strongest to the Bourjois one. I usually use this when I'm going somewhere that doesn't required a lot of eating and drinking, as this transfers the most among the other lippies in this list.

The Sephora website describes this as hot pink with golden shimmer. It does have fine golden shimmers but I have to disagree with it being a hot pink. This is a bright pink coral that will liven up your complexion. The shimmer won't be noticeable once on your lips, but will stay on your lips when the color is wearing off. Always bring this in your bag when wearing.

The IT lipstick throughout 2014, thanks to Cheon Song Yi from the Korean drama My Love from the Star. This color went out of stock worldwide and became the #1 most coveted lipstick which is the only reason why I picked up this color at that time. I honestly felt proud being one of the women in this world who have this lipstick. LOL. As pretty as this lipstick is, I can never wear this full-swipe on its own. Too neon. Doesn't look like it in the swatch shown below, but trust me this is a neon rosy coral. So what do I do? I use this as a stain (apply full-swipe then blot), or do the Korean-style gradient lips, or tone it down with GV 202 (my favorite way). By the way, who else is a fan of the mentioned drama? Please raise your hands in the comments below. (I'm raising both hands!) 

Is a rosy pink gloss. Probably my most used Gloss Volupte. I love to use this alone or as a topper for RPC 52. This is one of the pure finish from the range, with no shimmers to give this that extra oomph, which is why this is the perfect quick gloss to wear when you are in a hurry. You don't want shimmer everywhere on your face. Just enough pigment and gloss to make you look put together.

As said in my review for this Aqua Laque range, this is my favorite shades of the bunch. More than that, this is the most staining one in this list too. And I didn't even realize this is the only drugstore product that made it to the list. Which says something!

Described as light pink coral. However, to me this is a medium pink that, again, perfect for every day and any look you are going for. This is the only one in the list that has the creamy slightly luminous finish that common lipsticks always have. Of course, formula wise this excels many common lipsticks out there.

The only bright pink in the list. Bright pink because this is a lip mist, which is the sheer lipstick range in Burberry Beauty. The one I use the most among my other Burberry lipsticks (which is only 3 in total, btw). Despite being sheer, the color payoff is actually not bad at all. The swatch shown below is two swipes. I love the juicy jelly lips this gives me. Which the reason why I'm now open to sheer lipstick in general. Thank you Burberry.


Now it's your turn. What is your favorite summer lipstick?

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  1. these are my fave shades of lipstick. i love them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by again Elle! <3


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