July 2015 Favorites

Monday, August 03, 2015

I'm sorry for being MIA these past two weeks. It was Hari Raya Holiday, and everyone is home, so I want to make it just-family week since it's a once a year holiday after all. Then the following weeks I had an interview, and so on. In short, life happened. And to make amends for the missing posts, I'll do my best to post every single day for the next two weeks. To start, let's talk some favorites :)

Since Anastasia Beverly Hills launched their contour kit last year, the whole beauty world suddenly turned into contouring heaven. I was contemplating to get the Anastasia Kit, but the high price keep me from purchasing it, especially since I know I won't be able to use all the shades. So when Australis came out with this amazing dupe with way much cheaper price, I immediately snatched it. I have been loving the banana powder and the cool tone contour powder (both are the ones in the middle). I finally understand the magic of banana powder, especially to set my under eye concealer. So brightening in the most subtle way!

This CC Creme is perfection. It is so natural and glowy yet hold your natural oil in place throughout the day. I still need a bit of concealer to conceal some acne pigmentation, but the coverage is sufficient to wear alone on a natural makeup day.

I might be the only one in this planet who had not tried this concealer. This is a great drugstore concealer for your under eye. It doesn't offer full coverage, but it is concealing and brightening enough for me, especially when set with banana powder. Easy to blend and doesn't crease all day. No wonder it is said to be the dupe for Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I've been wanting to try for forever.

Since I introduced face mist to my routine, I have noticed a significant change to my skin texture and moisture. I especially love ones with rose water in it. Been using this Mario Badescu one everyday, day and night, and almost used up the whole bottle. It has a light rose scent which is an added bonus. Most definitely be on my repurchase list.

Finally an eyeliner that won't budge until I remove it. It is pigmented and has a sharp tip that make winged liner manageable even for beginners. I have nothing bad to say.

I always use pencils to fill in my eye brow. I prefer the natural 'feathery' look and this one from Etude House fills the bill just right. It is one of those double-ended pencil, with spooley in one end, and the actual product on the other. The spooley is helpful to brush the brow into place before application, and to blend the color after that. The product itself isn't too creamy and pigmented, that you can apply the product without the fear of applying too much and ended up with sharpie brows.

This is the perfect neutral matte palette for everyday. It is a mixture of warm and cool tone shadows, with perfect balance of light, middle and dark shades. I often use the first and third row shadows on daily basis just to give some definitions to the eyes.

At the moment, this my favorite blush brush. It is soft and the size is perfect for the apple of my cheeks. It is dense enough to pick up the right amount of color, yet also fluffy enough to blend them effortlessly.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Prim (part of 2014 Holiday Collection).
I've been into natural tone blush lately. Prim is a nude plum/pink blush (similar with Exposed from the permanent line) that is perfect for those natural makeup days when you want to skip bronzer. 

Mine is a mini size since I got it from a trio that was a part of last year's holiday collection. I only kept this one because this shade is the perfect MLBB for me. I have planned to get the full size when Sephora has their annual sale later this year. The lipstick itself is creamy and comfortable on the lips. Not the one that will last all day, but the one that will always be in your purse for immediate pick me up or touch up.

That is all the products that I have been loving in the month of July. I am planning to reviews most of these in the near future, especially those affordable but great ones. They deserve a dedicated post. So keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in them :)

What are your favorite products throughout July?

I've updated the release month, retail price and shades for the upcoming Hourglass Holiday Palette. See them here

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