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Saturday, August 08, 2015

After my favorites of July earlier this week, today is the empties turn. Said empties are products that I've done using until their last drop. Most of them are holy-grail indeed, since I usually hand over products that I don't enjoy using, so that I have room for new products to test out. Haha. Anyway, in this post I'm gonna tell you briefly whether I enjoyed these products and whether I'll repurchase and continue using them, or if I have experienced better product and prefer the other one.

Alright. I know this is just a tiny mini size of sample, and it shouldn't be included in empties, but I love this product so much I'm on my first full size jar now. Smells citrus-ie and gives your skin tons of moisture, at the same time reforms your face texture. What not to love, right? I have been using this non-stop as a night cream.

A cult classic for nail polish lovers. This was my second tin. It smells lemon-ie (of course) and will keep your cuticle at its most pristine condition. However I would not repurchase this again, since it would turn hard over time. I now prefer something travel friendly like the OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To-Go.

This was the only thing I use a few years ago. It doesn't give you much coverage, but never fails to even out and brighten your complexion instantly (like said on the packaging). With SPF 35/PA+++ this is a great budget friendly face base for daily use. I haven't repurchased it, but some time in the future I'm sure I will come back to this baby.

Have nothing bad to say about this. I love face mists. And this is one of my favorites.  I use this everyday after cleansing, or chemical exfoliant at night. Freshen and hydrates your skin instantly. Already have a backup.

My holy-grail makeup remover. This is what I will use if I am too lazy tired for second cleanse (which almost never happens, second cleanse is important ladies), and I won't have break out the next morning. I used to use this every night but ever since my purchase of The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil, I only use this on my no makeup days (because I use sunscreen, and you need to double cleanse every time you use sunscreen). Never gone a day without a couple backups of this. This is, IMO, is a must-have in anyone's vanity!

A moisturizer that I used to use day and night. As a day cream, this is perfect for my dry skin, as it absorbs quickly and is so lightweight despite the fact that it is super moisturizing. The only thing I don't like about this product is the steep price. I don't know why but Kiehl's in my country adjust their price like twice a year! Anyway, I'm on my second tub already, and am searching for a similar moisturizer to avoid the price. LOL. Please leave some recommendation on the comments below if you have one. ;)

I bought two of this mini solid cleanser and I'm so sad that I finished one that now I only use my second when I'm on travel. This is a great solid brush cleanser. It smells good, removes all the gunk in your brushes like a breeze and won't make your brush dry and scratchy. I won't be repurchasing the full size one soon, since I'm now using L'Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap which works fine (it was a gift and I don't use bar soaps, so I use them on my brushes LOL).

That is all the products that I manage to empty by the end of July.
What is your favorite empty? 

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