Friday, August 07, 2015

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque is the latest addition to Bourjois Rouge Edition range. In a few words, this is the glossy version of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet that launched last year (review on this coming up later this week). The word Aqua might make you think of lip gloss. That is not entirely wrong, because this is in a way is a hybrid of lipstick and gloss in liquid form.

Product Claims:
  • Non-sticky formula.
  • Water-like sensation.
  • Mirror-like shine, intense color.
  • Contains Nymphaea extract to smooth and moisturize (10 hours hydration).
  • The Aqua Factor: once applied, it doesn't run or feather, no lip liner needed.
Available in 8 shades:
  • 01 Appechisant, a peachy nude.
  • 02 Rose on the Rocks, a natural rose.
  • 03 Brun Croyable, a caramel brown.
  • 04 Viens si tu Roses, a raspberry pink.
  • 05 Red My Lips, a classic, pillar-box red.
  • 06 Feeling Reddy, a fiery orangey-red.
  • 07 Fuchsia Perche, a daring fuchsia.
  • 08 Baby Idole, a soft baby doll pink.
The three shades that I own: 01 Appechisant, 04 Viens si tu Roses, and 08 Baby Idole.

Packaging and Size:
If you are familiar with the Velvet range from the family, these are packaged in the same bottles, only with glossy caps. Cubic chubby tubes that hold 7.7 ml (0.2 fl. oz.) of product. The caps are color coded which is always appreciated.

Fruity scent that will quickly dissipate once applied.

Standard doe-foot applicator. Not too stiff and not too soft either, great for precise application. Unfortunately, the applicator tends to pick up a little bit too much product. You might need to wipe the excess product on the neck of the bottle.

The texture is not too runny and not too thick either. Like liquid gel. Within the three shades that I own, I find that the thickness differs from one shade to another. The thinnest being 01 Appechisant and the thickest 08 Babe Idole.

They glide on smoothly on the lips. You will notice a cooling effect (nothing minty) which I think is what the company meant by water-like sensation.

Good. You will get enough color with one layer, however you can increase the intensity by layering. I recommend to use a thin layer first then layer them thinly to achieve your desired opacity.

They do have mirror-like finish like claimed, however it will soon be gone and you will be left with a nice stain on your lips. The thicker the consistency, the more prominent the stain you will get.

On the lips:
I haven't get the chance to wear this for 10 hours, but they do live up to the moisturizing claim. My lips feels comfortable every time I wear them. Very lightweight and non-tacky. Smooth plump lips are also guaranteed, as they don't sinks to fine lines. I never notice the color bleeding outside my lip lines. Although I guess they might bleed if you put on too thick of a layer.

Wear time:
The shine disappears quickly, maybe after an hour after application, faster if you drink or eat. The stain you get will stay around four to five hours depends on the intensity.

Favorite shades: 
Baby Idole. I always love a good baby doll pink, plus it stains the longest on the lips.

Is it worth the price? Who would love this?
Yes. For £8.99, this is a darn good product. Those who doesn't like their lips dry at the end of the day and those who like glossy finish, but hate the tacky feeling glosses usually have, will definitely love this. And this lasts longer than typical gloss.

01 Appechisant - 04 Viens si tu Roses - 08 Babe Idole
On the bottle, 04 Viens si tu Roses reminded me of YSL Gloss Volupte 207 Rouge Velours. But swatched side by side, YSL actually looks more like a raspberry pink than Bourjois. Viens si tu Roses, IMO, is a deep neutral red. Nothing raspberry or pink about this shade.

Have you tried the Aqua Laque from Bourjois? Which are your favorite shades?

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  1. Are these available in the country? These look like they're right up my alley!

    1. Sadly not yet. We only have the Velvet ones as far as I know :(


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