Happy New Year and updates

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


I can't believe it's been two years since the last time I was here. I'm sorry for being MIA.

I have found a full-time job. It's about 20-40 minutes drive from my home, so it wasn't that bad at all. However sometimes I get very busy, like my life was filled with work, work, work, work *insert that Rihanna song*. Personal life wasn't that easy too. To sum it up, I've been caught up in life. Life happens and I abandoned this blog. So. Very. Sorry.

Instagram has been my most active social media, with mini reviews in my captions sometimes. I've been more into Korean beauty. My makeup style has also geared towards Korean's too, with gradient lips, subtle blush and glowing skin as main points. 

I can't promise a fixed posting schedule right now, but I will try to post more regularly this year, and to be consistent on it. That's one thing I'm lacking of, and need to be changed, one of my important resolution for this year. Alongside that are going minimal with the amount of products I'm using and hoarding, which means more savings, which might lead to more travels. I went to Bangkok and Hongkong in 2016. This year I wish I could visit Japan, Taiwan and Korea, so I really need to save up for that. Hopefully my parents will let me travel alone, at least to Korea. I really want to go to Japan/Korea. Lord knows how desperate I am to go there... Also need to trim down a lot of fats, my 2012-self is the goal. And that's about it, I wish I could manage to stay in focus and achieve all.

I'll be posting my Best of Beauty 2016, skincare and makeup soon. Until then, why not share your resolutions or catching up by sharing how you have been lately. 

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